As a car owner, you should always be on alert and aware of any abnormal sounds coming from your vehicle when you’re driving. If you can identify problematic sounds then you can correct the problem before it becomes more expensive or leaves you stranded on the side of the road. Here are some tips from St. Petersburg Nissan for recognizing different causes of car noises:

Squealing from Under the Hood

Pay attention when you start your car. If you hear a squealing sound as you turn the key, it could mean there is a worn or loose belt. The most common belt problems are air compressor belts and fan belts, but any squealing noise should be checked out by someone who is knowledgeable about car maintenance.

Engine Knocking

You may hear a knocking sound from somewhere in the engine. This might be a signal that you are running out of oil, have loose bolts in the gearbox, or worn crankshaft bearings.

Pings from The Engine

If you hear a “ping” like noise while you are traveling, it could be you need to use a higher-octane fuel. If after filling up with higher octane fuel you still hear the ping noise, make an appointment with our St. Petersburg Nissan service department to have your vehicle’s timing inspected and adjusted if necessary.

Metal Squeals or Scratching Noises when Stopping

If you hear a terrible metal-on-metal type of sound when using your brakes, or a scratching noise, it can indicate a problem with your brakes or rotors or both. Do not ignore this noise as it could result in your brakes becoming ineffective. Another common sign that goes with these noises is that the steering wheel will shake when you slow down.

Thumping and Clunking from Your Car Wheels

If you have an issue with the prop shaft or rear differential or your suspension, you may hear thumping and clunking that sounds like it comes from near your wheels. Visit a service center for an inspection and see if something needs to be replaced to eliminate the noise and properly maintain your vehicle.

Engine Ticking Sound

A common sign that your car needs an oil change is if you hear a ticking sound coming from the engine when you idle or accelerate. If changing the oil doesn’t eliminate the noise, you may need a mechanic to do a more thorough inspection.

Don’t ignore noises made by your car – if you hear any of these noises or any other type of sound while driving, get your car in to see an expert service technician to eliminate the problem and hopefully prevent bigger issues. We service all makes and models of cars, trucks and SUVs. Schedule an appointment online, give us a call or stop in at our service department at Crown Nissan in St Petersburg serving the Tampa Bay area for all your vehicle engine or any mechanical service needs.